At Covenant Presbyterian Church, "Christ at the Center" is not simply a motto, it's the goal of everything we do.

Jesus Christ is at the center of the Bible's message about God and His love towards His people. Jesus is at the center of how God has done away with our sin and will deliver us from sin's consequence of death. Jesus is at the center of the Church's preaching and teaching. Jesus is at the center of true worship. Jesus is at the center of a new and increasingly transformed life. Jesus is at the center of our every hope for today and for eternity to come. Jesus is at the center of all lasting joy.

Who is Jesus Christ to have such an important place?

Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God. He created us and takes care of us. He became man and died for His people's sins on the cross. He defeated death by rising from the grave, and is even now preparing an everlasting home with the Heavenly Father for those who love Him. He gives us His Word and Holy Spirit so we can come to Him in faith and live totally devoted to Him. He puts us in His Church to share the joys and struggles of our lives with others, and to help others get to know Him. He equips leaders to help us in our faith. He saved us from sin and death to praise Him forever. Because He is who He is, knowing Him is the greatest joy conceivable.

What does Covenant Presbyterian Church believe?

As a congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC), Covenant Presbyterian Church has testified to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Rochester since the founding of this biblical, evangelical, and Reformed denomination in 1936.

Our beliefs come from the Bible, God's unfailing guide in matters of faith and life. The Bible's teaching is summarized in the historic Westminster Confession of Faith, our doctrinal standard. We proclaim the Bible's timeless message through expository preaching and careful teaching.

God created humanity to worship and enjoy Him. However, mankind sinned and that wonderful relationship was destroyed, leaving us all in a state of misery and well-deserved death.

The Good News is that God, out of His limitless goodness, has reached out to save us and restore us to Himself. God accomplished His saving purposes through the life, death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. Salvation is given to us as a free gift received by faith, not earned by good works.

The Holy Spirit enables a person to turn away from sin and to trust in Jesus alone for salvation. The Spirit also equips believers for service to God and to His people.

This service takes place in and through the church, God's family of faith. The local church is organized under the leadership of elders and deacons who oversee the life of the congregation. The church is not only for those who profess Christ, but also for the children of believers. As a church, we worship God with reverence and joy, build-up one another in faith, show mercy to the hurt and downcast, and reach out to share Christ with others by word and deed.