Covenant Presbyterian Church offers many ministries that help us put Jesus at the Center of life.

Sunday School for All Ages: Each Sunday at 9:45 AM, classes meet for relevent and in-depth study of the Bible. The children and youth use curriculum by Great Commission Publication, while a number of adult electives are offered each quarter. Our Friendship Class serves adults with developmental disabilities who love to study God's Word.

Morning & Evening Worship: Each Sunday we gather twice for worship, at 11 AM and again at either 2:30 PM (on the second Sunday of the month) or 6:00 PM (all other Sundays). Our worship flows out of the Bible not only in content, but also in structure. From the Call to Worship to the closing Blessing, God speaks through the Bible, and we respond with praise and prayer.

Kids' Club: Every other Wednesday at 7:00 PM during the school year, our Kids' Club for elementary age children comes together for a program of fun and learning.

Women's Bible Study: Various groups meet regularly with a blend of study, prayer, and relationship building.

Wednesday Bible Study: Every other Wednesday at 7:00 PM during the school year, a group gathers for a practical and careful study of a portion of the Bible.